Curing versus Healing

One Tree GUild provides support and services to the healing arts.Cure may occur without healing;
Healing may occur without cure.

Cure separates body from soul;
Healing embraces the whole.

Cure isolates;
Healing incorporates.

Cure costs;
Healing enhances.

Cure combats illness;
Healing fosters wellness.

Cure fixes;
Healing corrects.

Cure fosters function;
Healing fosters purpose.

Cure manages;
Healing touches.

Cure encounters mystery as a challenge for understanding;
Healing encounters mystery as a channel for meaning.

Cure rejects death and views it as a defeat;
Healing includes death among the blessed outcomes of care.

Cure seeks to conquer pain;
Healing seeks to transcend pain.

Cure acts upon another;
Healing shares with a sister, a brother.

Frederick W. Recklau
Pastor of Grace Lutheran Church, Evanston, Illinois